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Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge
Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge
Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge
Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge
Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge


Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge

Anteil an:
Name: Präzisionsstanze und -werkzeuge/Präzisionsstanzen und -matrizen/Press- oder Stanzkopfteile/Nicht-Standard-Montage-Linien-Arbeitsvorrichtungen und -Werkzeuge

Material: SKH51, SUJ2, SKD11, Wolframstahl, HSS…etc.
Härte: 40-64 HRC
Toleranz: +/-0,001 mm bis +/-0,005 mm.

  • MWMP-192011

  • Ja

  • SKH51

  • Titanbeschichtung


Precision punch & tooling assemble line application

  • These pictures and drawings are our customized products. It shows our supply ability. Due to the Intellectual Property, it's only for reference.

  • Assemble Line work fixture& tooling devices and components are the key back up for the factory automation processing line. These products involve in the processing steps of blanking, machining, bending, welding, assembling, inspecting etc.

  • Many kinds of precision punches are functioning to transmit physical force to assemble and organize different elements, components or sections together. There are punch, punch pins, ejector pins, press head, header punch… etc. Some are for die and mould parts, some are simply for force power transmitting in the assemble line device.

Precision punch & tooling for assemble line work fixture and tooling customization

  • Various of metal materials with different surface treatments are adopted to satisfy with your requirements and keep efficient running of your production line. Since the work fixture tooling and parts are closely connected with the practical production scenes and conditions, we produce customer orientated and non-standard OEM products.

  • You need to provide clear drawings and requirements so as to for our engineers understand thoroughly. Our regular service scope as following but not limited, up to your drawings:


Assemble Line Work Fixture and Tooling,

Altimetric Survey Mechanism Tooling,

Height Detection Mechanism Tooling,

Inspection Assemble Line Work Fixture and Tooling,

Cutting Assemble Line Work Fixture and Tooling,

Testing Assemble Line Work Fixture and Tooling,

Measuring Assemble Line Work Fixture and Tooling…

Non-Standard Mechanical Parts for Assemble Line,

Assemble Line Punch,

Assemble Line Head Punch,

Assemble Line Connecting -Adapter Parts,

Assemble Line Mounting Plate Components,

Assemble Line Metal Gripper,

Assemble Line Guide Sleeves,

Assemble Line Orientation Inserts,

Assemble Line Flange Connector parts,

Assemble Line Device,

Orientation Parts for Assemble Line,

Measurement Parts for Assemble Line,

Non-Standard Inspection Parts,

Non- Standard Metal Cutters for Assemble Line…


Precision punches&toolings pins features

  • Good consistency, stable quality, precision tolerances +/-0.002mm to +/-0.005mm.

  • Almost zero repair rate and defective products, all replacement or repair for free due to our fault.

  • Reliable substitute of German (HASCO) or Japan (MISUMI)'s similar parts with excellent quality whereas with very reasonable price.

  • ISO quality assurance system.

Precision punches&toolings punch head common packing

Inner: bubble bag, PE bag or plastic seal with anticorrosive oil plus outer carton box, or other safe package.

precision punch pins package-MWMECHPARTS precision punches&dies- MWMECHPARTS packing die punch-MWMECHPARTS

 Precision punch & tooling punch pins surface treatment

surface treatment-MWMECHPARTS

Other precision punches and dies parts we can supply for example: the precision dies/moulds, header punch or parts for assemble line to support the movement and working position flow of the machines as below, these are practical cases we've done.

1) Header punch, press head, punch head  to press and assemble different section and parts togather.

customized pressing punch head for assembling-MWMECHPARTS

customized press head assemble line tool-MWMECHPARTS

customized punch head assemble line tooling-MWMECHPARTS

customized punch head-MWMECHPARTS

2)  Punch pins, ejector pins for mould /die parts

die punch assemble tool-MWMECHPARTS customized straight ejector pins-MWMECHPARTS

3) Relevant parts we can do -precision edge-closing die

customized precision die for assembling-MWMECHPARTS

customized precision die for assemble line tooling-MWMECHPARTS


Q: What service can you do?

A: OEM/ODM. Free samples available after price confirmed, but you need to share the sample freight. We produce the parts per customers' drawing or sample. Concerning the protection of customers' intellectual property, we don' t sell our customers’same product to the third party.

Q: What data should the customer provide for a precise quotation?

A: The drawings or samples, quantity, tolerance, standard, material, surface finish, other special requirements, etc.

Q: What're your delivery methods?

A: DHL, EMS, UPS, land transport or sea freight available.

Q: How do you assure the quality control?

A: Full inspection with test report and material composition certificate for each order and 1-year after-sale service.  Almost zero repair rate and defective products all replacement or repair for free within a year.

Q: How long is your lead time?

A: 10-30days up to the quantity.

Q: what surface treatments can you deal with?

A: Titanium nitride (TiN), TiCN, titanium plating, blackening, carburize, zinc plating, zinc coating, galvanization, chrome plate, etc.

Q: what's your payment term?

A: T/T, western Union, PayPal, L/C...etc.

Konzentrieren Sie sich auf die Auflösungen und die Zahlen hinter 0,000 mm.

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